Endless Siege Tower Defense Game

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This is a fun tower defense game where players can lay towers on any square of the playing field other than on the path enemies walk down. Each day this game offers a new map, which helps keep the game fresh and add variety to the game.

The day to day variation of the maps and the depth of gameplay has led some friends to hold regular tournaments based on this game. 🙂

Select a tower and choose which square you would like to lay it on, or you may choose which tower to upgrade if you already have towers laid in the playing field.
Repeat the above until you have spent most of your money.
Click on the red “next wave” button when you are ready for the next round of enemies to enter the screen.
After the enemies have been killed off build new towers or upgrade existing towers then press “Next Wave” to start the next round. You can also upgrade or lay towers in the middle of battle, though it is recommended to pause the game to do so if you are switching which towers you lay or upgrade so you do not make time rushed mistakes.




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